This Means War

This blog was supposed to be a mommy blog about how hard it is to be a mommy. However I have something different to discuss. It’s imperative that we are ready for attacks from the enemy. Sometimes we may miss the mark, but even then we have to learn from our mistakes and be ready for when the enemy strikes again.

Anyone who knows me knows that the movie Pearl Harbor is my favorite war movie. This movie is loosely based on the events of World War 2 and was accumulated by interviewing different soldiers that were there during the time of the events. In this movie, a few scenes before the Japanese attacked the Americans, you can see they were very strategic about their incursion. They studied how they would do things. They knew when they would attack, how hard to attack and what time and day. It was so well thought out that they were prepared to annihilate the Americans.

When they invaded Pearl Harbor, they sent every plane, every bomb and missal they had. While watching the movie, look at what the Americans are doing at this time. Some were sleeping, some were sitting around conversing. There were soldiers on post to keep look out but they had their feet propped up as if it was just another day at work. They were no way prepared and underestimated their enemy. When I thought about this, I thought to myself, how often are we going through life as if every day is just another day? How often are we going on about our business, not being aware of the things that could annihilate us, or aware of what God is doing at that moment? I understand that when we are not prepared for anything, we are hit with a punch that knocks us out. Then we have to try to recover as quickly and as much as possible.

This is what happened with the Americans. They were hit so hard and so unexpectedly that they were completely knocked away. Have you had this experience? Where you are just going through your day and then something happens where you are completely blown away? Maybe you are out shopping and your card gets declined. Maybe you are at work and get a call that your child is sick and now you have to take time off work to go and tend to them. So many things can happen to inconvenience you, and then the enemy uses those things to twist and warp your mind and heart and send you into frenzy.

Not only should we study God and his character, but we have to study the enemy. Why? Because he studies us. He studies us so well that he knows that right time, the right day, and the right moment to hit us with an attack or a thought. He knows who makes our skin crawl, he knows the desire of our flesh and who to send to deceive us. He knows how discourage us to make us give up on our dreams. If we are not prepared and knowledgeable about how he works, we will be knocked out. We are in a constant battle every day and we can’t fall asleep on the job. We can’t underestimate our opponent. We have to remain on guard and always be ready to fight.