Christian Mommy 2019 Goals

It is the new year of 2019!!!!! Are you excited? What are your plans or goals for the New Year?? I know one of my goals is to expand this blog. Starting this year and now, I will also be blogging about the good, bad and ugly of being a Christian mom in this world. So yes, I will be talking a lot about my kids. So here it goes…


I have two kids, Tavion who is 10 and will be 11 in April. Then there is Darryl (DJ), who is 5 and will be six years old this year in October. I have to tell you, I have two completely differently boys. Tavion is the charmer. He is the people person. I can see at an early age that his love language will probably be touch. He loves to hug and be close to the people he loves. Dj on the other hand is that one that is just a little rough around the edges. He is my most active child and the one with the most to say in any situation.


Both of my boys are super unique and smart in their own way. One of my plans for the New Year is to start having bible study sessions with them. Last year they started learning scriptures and really enjoyed it. That is one of the things most important about my babies. I am very serious about teaching them the word of God at a young age. As a kid growing up, I think it really shaped the way I grew up and went into my adulthood. I think if I had been taught more about God at home and studied my bible, I probably would have thought differently.


Now, I’m not saying that I am going to be cramming the bible down my kids’ throats all the time. I don’t even think they’ll be able to sit still for a long period of time to listen. But I mean, just depositing things on the inside of them that they can carry with them through life. Unfortunately, as parents we go to church every week and feel like as long as our children go with us, that’s enough. Too often we don’t take time to really talk to them and teach them about God at home. By the time they get to the end of the week, they have forgotten about what they learned in church. This is why it is important me. I know that my kids will make mistakes in life. But if I can eliminate some of the bad decisions they could make as they grow, I think the best way would be giving them a spiritual legacy to live by. However, I am glad that God’s word is true. I am glad that even though my children may fall, they are still being held up by God. So even if they do stray, They have a strong foundation to come back to.