No Bae for the Holidays

It’s almost Christmas!!! One of the most celebrated times of the year is upon us. This a bitter sweet time for some people for many different reasons. Trust me, I understand. Not having a relationship or going through a break up during this time of year may be really hard for some. I remember when I had the same feeling.


No one knew what I was dealing with. Maybe my family, and probably my mom. When I went through my separation with my ex-husband it was right toward the end of October. Yes, the greatest holidays were right around the corner, and for the first time in four years, I wouldn’t have the one person I wanted to spend it with the most. I went through a lot of emotional turmoil. Saddened by what was happening in my marriage and now I don’t have a husband to spend the holidays with anymore.


That Thanksgiving, I didn’t want to be around anyone. My oldest son was with his dad and my ex-husband came to get our son. It was one of the most trying times. I stayed home all Thanksgiving day. Christmas came and my family was not having it. They refused to allow me to be alone. Even though I was still sad, I spent the day with them.


Furthermore, I remember my mom going through this same exact thing. When she and her ex-husband were together, we would always have his family to congregate with. But when they separated she went through turmoil as well. I remember her separating herself from the world on those days. Thank God for friends, I was able to spend that time with a family of a very close friend.


One thing I realize now is that even though I felt alone, God was still with me. I still had people around that I could be around to show me love and keep me encouraged. Relationships come and go but God always remains. So if you are in a season where you may feel the desire to have someone, or you have gone through a breakup or even a divorce, just know that God has not left your side. He is watching over you, waiting for you to accept the peace and joy that he has freely given. Yes, you already possess it!!


During this time, don’t separate yourself from the world. Get around people who love you and will keep you encouraged. Have conversations, laugh, drink egg nog and hot chocolate, cook something to contribute. But most of all, keep your mind stayed on family and most importantly, God. He will keep your mind and your heart.