Learning to live uncomfortable

Divorced and Uncomfortable

I was watching a clip from a sermon called dysfunctional comfort by Steven Furtick I remember seeing this sermon shortly before I got divorced. I had been praying  to God about what to do with my marriage and hoping he would put it back together. This is one of two videos that helped me get through this tough time.

As I watched this video, I felt as though God was sitting right next to me speaking to me. Afterwards, it was like chains had been broken off of me. I felt free from bitterness and rage. 


One of the reasons I tried to hold on to my marriage was because I wanted to prove I could please God in marriage. I had made so many mistakes, including filing for a divorce for non-biblical reasons. We have to understand the significance about marriage and why it was created, or we will always want to give up. Divorce should only be within the confinement of biblical reasons. Not because we are tired of being married to the person we are with.


Me leaving my marriage wasn't an act of sin. There were biblical reasons of why it was time for me to let go. The grieving process, however was very UNcomfortable. Even though I knew God was leading me to let go, I was willing to stay in this place of brokeness because it was more comfortable to hold on to. 


It was like swimming in a dirty muddy pond. If you jumped into a dirty pond, it wouldnt be very comfortable. But I was. Just so i could have what I wanted at my convenience. The devil had manipulated me into thinking I was in clean water, but God was trying to push me out of my comfort zone. I was in dysfunctional comfort. Once I accepted it was time to let go, I was UNcomfortable. 


However in this UNcomfortable place, God had sent people to encourage me. He revealed my purpose to me. He gave me peace and joy. I realized, sometimes we have to be put in UNcomfortable places to be pushed into our calling. I knew and still know that God can and will use my experiance as a testimony to other young women. 


If you are in a place where you are divorced and broken. Or maybe you are going through a process of  an unwanted divorce. Just remember, there is something good behind all of this. There is a divine purpose on your life. Your testimony will be needed and heard. Psalm 30:11 says you have turned my mourning into dancing for me; you have taken off my sackcloth and clothed me with joy

God is going touse this uncomfortable place to thrust you into your purpose. He will restore you like never before.