Woman of Power

A Journey To Love: Young and Free

   This blog will be shining light on a great young lady named Armani Brunson (16). She sat down with me to discuss and encourage other teens and young women that it is possible to be young, living right and on fire for God. She has a lot to say about these things.

   Armani currently attends Raines High School and has made it her business to stay busy and focused. She began to expound on some of the things she is involved in. One program called S.O.S., a sorority at the school, she is running for student treasurer as well as some other programs. She explained that the sorority she is involved in is basically a sisterhood where they do different things such as step, dance and volunteer work. 

   With her busy schedule of aiming to achieve greatness in her life, she does not discount the relationship she has with God. She stated, "I feel like having God in your life is very essential because without God, what would work? Nothing would work. God is the source of everything."

I had to applaud her because it is great to hear one of many teens acknowlege how great God is.

   I asked her who in her life encourages her to stay close to God and what do they say? The first person she mentioned was her brother Arminius. She says he always encourages her to stay focused, stay on the right path and keep God in her life. He shares his story with her and she has taken his advice and learned from his mishaps and applied them to her life. That's one of the best things kids can do as teenagers. Look at the decisions of others, watch how it affects their life and learn from it.

   Armani takes great pride in telling others about the God she serves. She stated she often finds herself defending the word of God in school and witnessing to others. She says there were crowds that she had to separate from because of the things they were involved in, but still finds oppertunities to tell them about Jesus. 

   I asked how she applies her relationship with God to her everyday life. She stated she often tries to think about God in every situation. For instance before she retaliates with someone, she asks herself, how would God respond to this?

Armani went on to talk about the college she wants to attend and right now she is leaning towards Clark Atlanta University. She says she likes the city of Atlanta, the college is a HBCU and she wants to go to be somewhere different. She wants to also explore and gain experiance in a different place. She wants to major in psychology and get eperiance with studying the behaiviors of others. 

        Armani is a young lady on a mission. I could tell from speaking with her that she is less focused on putting all of her energy into relationships and more on making sure she achieves different goals. Although she is dating, she wants to get her PHD in psychology, she wants to follow in her brother's foot steps and travel the world, she wants to get married but she wants to wait for God to make sure that is what he has for her life. 

   Even though she is dating, she does take different measures to make sure she is applying christian principals to her dating life. Armani has made it clear sh does not want to be involved in sexual contact. That is something that she feels is very important. She has had people try to tell her things and convince her that she should fall into it, but she is standing firm on just saying no. She feels it is important to make sure she stays anchored in what she believes. She refrains from allowing being in a realtionship to change her reationship with God. 

The advice she gives to other teens is to stay true to yourself and stand on what you believe. Don't change for anyone or try to meet someone else's expectations. She had to come to the realization in her own life that she does not live for other people. She has had to let go of relationships and friends to stay true to her relationship with God.

        It was great to sit and talk to her and pick her brain a little bit. She is on her way to becoming someone great.I can already tell she is going to be very powerful in her community and a mentor to others coming up behind her. God had his hand on her life.