Its waiting Season

Who Are We Waiting On?

Waiting is not an easy thing to do. Or at least for me it isn't. And when I say waiting, I mean anything. Waiting for God, Waiting for a man, waiting for my kids, waiting for the cars in McDonalds drive-thru to move up. Waiting is not my favorite thing. However, I've learned that in a lot of situations, it is the best thing. But in our waiting times, who are we waiting on? Are we waiting on the world? Are we waiting on people? Are we waiting on God?


God has made us valuable. He has made us wonderful. I think once we understand that as women, it will be easier to wait on God. Because ultimately, when we wait, we receive the best of what's to come right? I notice in relationships, a lot of us fail at waiting for the right person. When we rush, we most likely end up settling.


Men are usually direct with telling us what they are looking for in relationships. They either show it in their actions or their words. Why is it that when men tell us their intentions, we ignore it and wait for them? Why do so many women sit and wait for them to change their minds? For instance, a man says to a woman, I dont want a relationship. Or, I dont want to commit. Or I dont want kids, I dont want to get married. Why not set the standard for what we want and stick by that?


I've done it. Honestly I can tell you, it got me no where. I soon came to the realization that it was a self esteem issue of some sort. I didn't understand the value of walking away and waiting for God to send the right person. Instead I waited for that man to change his mind into matching what I wanted for us instead of accepting that he didnt want the same things, and walk away.


I'm not saying I've mastered this. Waiting can be difficult. I dont know how long I'll be single before God sends who he has for me or if they will come at all. All I know is, for now, I am better off waiting for God then settling in a relationship waiting for a man to give me something I may never get from him.


We can't spend so much of our life waiting for someone to change when they have already told us it's not what they want. You dont have to put your life on hold waiting on the wrong person. You can enjoy life waiting on God. At least if we wait for God, we can have peace, we can pray, we can be hopeful. God loves us more than anything and anyone. So when he has something for us, it may be something that he has just been taking time preparing because he wants it to be the very best we'll get.