I have purpose

Not too long ago, I had to do a serious self evaluation. I was working at a job that I didn't no longer wanted to work. I often realize that I dont really want to work for anyone. I became so consumed with negative thoughts of going to work everyday that I became really sad. I was consumed with anger because I had no other choice. I felt like I was in slavery. I was enslaved to working for someone, enslaved to the bills I am forced to pay.

I began coming up with ideas. I asked myself what are things I can do to make money on the side that would possibly one day allow me to not have to work for anyone else? I came up with some ideas, but then those ideas started to consume me.

I didn't have time to do those things. Or the resources. I then came to the realization that I was putting too much on myself. I was allowing negative thoughts from Satan to trick me into taking my mind off of things that were important and putting it on things that would distract me.

The truth is, we often become so consumed with trying to be successful, that we will do so much to make it happen. We allow things to take up our time and dont have time for God, or our families. We allow our desire for success to take our focus off of our gift.

I had to tell myself (and still do), God graced you with the gift of writing. What is it that he has instructed you to do with that gift? I soon came to the conclusion that if I keep my focus on doing what God is telling me to do, I have more peace. I will soon fulfill my purpose. Success come with time, entrepreneurship comes with time.

I'm not saying dont try to pursue different things. But we shouldn't allow ourselves to get so stressed to the point of almost depressed or hating our life. God gave each person a gift for a reason. Focus on that gift. The bible tells us our gift will make room for us. So even if we are not where we want to be in life, as long as we focus on our purpose, we will be successful one day and we can have peace.

I heard Willie Moore Jr speaking on the radio once encouraging people that when we focus on our gift, we often find it may turn into new gifts. So focusing on our gift is not a waste of time. We dont have to feel like doing one thing is not enough. God can turn that one thing into something big. But we may also find that we have other gifts that can manifest as well at the right time. What is your gift? What has God told you to do with it? What steps have you taken to begin to fulfill it?