God is the source

Have You Tried Jesus?

  I remember many times in my life when I was single, in relationships and married, I often did things on my own. I didn't include God in these areas. Often times, I tried to be single, in a relationship and married on my own without Gods help. I am learning that I need to include God in everything.


  Let me explain.

 For singles: It can sometimes get discouraging being single. Even when you are waiting on God. You're wondering when you will meet that special person. You're wondering if you will ever be married. Stay encouraged and keep waiting on God. Sometimes we try to be single without God and it causes us to fall deeper in sin or do things that are not pleasing to Him. We go places we shouldn't go, we do things we shouldn't do.


Instead of trusting God, we get into unnecessary relationships for the wrong reasons. We take on unnecessary emotions. Some even get into the "friends with benefits" relationships. We get so impatient with waiting we try to be single without God. But have you tried Jesus? He will keep you in your singleness and he will bring the right one when it is time. He connect you with people, and give you purpose while you wait.


Lamentations 3:5 The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him.


  Ladies in relationships: God is the foundation that keeps relationships together. We can go through life trying to be in relationships without God but it will not last. Keeping God as the foundation will help us clearly hear if it is good for us or not. It will help us conduct ourselves as women of God in the relationship. We should learn our value in God and allow him to feel us and fulfill our emotional needs like love, joy, and peace. Allowing God to fulfill these areas will keep us from putting the pressure on men to do it for us and looking it for it in the wrong places.


  Psalm 84:12 Lord almighty, blessed is the one who trusts in you.


  Ladies in marriage: In marriage it is important to include God because at the end of the day, that's who it's really about. When we dont include God in our marriages it leaves out the source that we need on a day to day basis. I remember in my marriage, I became very dependent on my husband for a lot of things. Not just financially, but emotionally as well.


  Of course you can depend on your spouse but we have to also take everything to God. Like if something happens financially that causes an issue. The devil will try to use that situation to turn you and your spouse against each other. Instead, it's important to not try to handle it on your own but go to God in prayer and include him in that situation. He wants to help.


  1 Peter 5:7 Cast your cares on him because he cares for you.


  It's also important for married women to remember that your joy, peace and love is found in God. This is great so if your spouse has a time when he is not at his best, or makes you upset, you will still be able to keep your emotions together because they are not based on your spouse fulfilling them. They are based on what God filled you with.


  God loves us. He said he will never leave us or forsake us. That is anything that we do or are involved in. He is everything we need at all times. So we can go to him in our singleness, relationships and marriage. We dont have to try to handle things on our own. So if you are in any of these areas and you are struggling, you have tried everything possible. My question is, have you tried Jesus? I promise you wont be disappointed.