Where Are We Going?

Have you ever been in a relationship where it sometimes feels like NOTHING is happening? There is no growth. You are trying to get to a certain level in a relationship, whether it be a relationship or friendship, but it''s just not going anywhere. You're not growing financially, spiritually, you're still staying in the apartment or house you wanted to move out of 5 years ago, you or your signifcant other has goals but it just seems the vision is not happening. Instead things keep falling and going around in circles. Nothing is moving forward, the relationship is not growing. It occurs to me a lot of women are in these relationships. The ones where we think it will change or get better, and it doesn't.


We know what we want. We write lists of all the qualities we want in someone, we know if we want to be married or not, we know if we want kids or not. We know where we want to go in life. Often times we attach ourselves to someone who does not want the same thing or walking the same path. We tie ourselves to others who are content with staying on one level.


You deserve to know where you are going in your relationship. You deserve to know if the relationship or friendship will grow and move to the next level. In our relationships,we should grow and the relationship should grow. Psalms 37:23 says, A persons steps are made secure by the Lord when they delight in his way. 

I believe if we are women who's steps are ordered by God, and if we attach ourselves to people who's steps are ordered by God, we will grow and so will the relationships we are in. 


We have to be women of God who can see when we are in a relationship that is staying stagnant. Because the bible says bad company corrupts good character (1 Corinthians 15:33), if we stay in it then we will most likely stay stagnant as well. We cant try to grow but stay in relationships that dont grow. Its like that scene in that movie obsessed when Sharon and Lisa were fighting. They were in the attic and Lisa fell through the ceiling. Beyonce was leaning over in the hole in the floor trying to pull Lisa up, but Lisa was trying to pull her down. The person may not know they are pulling you down. That's how some dead relationships are. We are trying to hold onto the relationship and pull the person up to the level we are trying to get to but because they are content with where they are, they pull us down.


If you know the relationship you are in is going nowhere or the things that need to change keep going in circles, its better to free yourself. When you watch that scene with Sharon and Lisa, Sharon quickly realized what she was trying to hold on to was pulling her down, and Lisa was only trying to pull her down. She had to pry the girl's fingers from her shoulders to get her to release her grasp so she could fall and die. That's the same in real life. You may be holding on to a dead relationship. A relationship that is not going anywhere. Its going to be hard to let go. It will feel like velcro being torn apart. But once its done, you will be able to grow and move foreward.


You will be able to do what Jesus told the paralyzed man laying on the mat (John 5:8), Pick up your bed and walk. If you already made the decision to let go, dont try to go back if you have not seen any significant change. You will just go in circles. Your life is worth more than just settling for something that is going nowhere fast. Allow God to take you places, you never thought you would go.