I Am The Prize

Women are very strong-minded creatures. Once we have made up in our minds what we want, we go after it. There is no stopping us. But should we do the same thing with men? From the experiance I have, chasing after a man has never gone well for me. I geuss if you feel like someone is right for you, you can sow a seed. But how far should we take this?


I came to the conclusion that even though its ok to have desire for a man and like someone, we shouldnt have to chase them or make ourselves seem "thirsty" or be intimate with them just to show them we like or love them.  Just like women are strong, men are hunters. They will find what they want at some point. 


Proverbs 18:22 He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD.


You see that scripture up there? Did you read it? Yeah I know, you have heard it before. Its one of the most quoted scriptures and it always leads to letting the man find you.  But hey, that is what it says. When he finds you and accepts you, he obtains favor. 




We can show interest in someone, but we should not have to chase him. Even if you are in a relationship, you shouldnt have to give your body to him just to show him you are all in. If you have to do all that, then most likely he is probably not the one, or its just not God's timing. 


The right one will see your value and he will persue you. I have a friend who has been dating her boyfriend for a while now. I love their relationship and I love how they started. Her boyfriend saw something in her that he felt was of value. For that reason, HE persued HER.  


I had a talk with my mom about this and she brought up the story of Ruth in the bible. Ruth was working, minding her own business when she was seen by Boaz. But when he saw her, he looked at her for her value and character. He took care of her by being kind to her and giving her things and protecting her. The one thing I love about this story is Ruth went for her man. She did take a step to sew a seed by offering herself to Boaz as his wife. So she went for what she wanted. However, because Boaz saw her value and because God allowed it to be so, she got her husband. She didnt have to chase him, she didnt have to have sex with him before they were married.


She just knew she was the prize. Like we are. And the man God has for you will see that and he will persue you as his wife.