My Story

I am a mother of two, an Author, and a child of God. I created this blog to help teens and young adult women who are in relationships, struggling in singleness, and even women who are experiencing hard trials in marriage and just need encouragement. I have had experiences and made a lot of bad decisions in these areas, but as I begin to get closer to God, He began to counsel me and give me encouragement. My goal is to help other women get this same thing and know that we do not have to live this life alone. God has given me so much to say to help women in these areas and this is where I will share them. 

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Purpose of this blog

Hi to all ladies who have taken time to view this blog. I am creating this to encourage teen and young adult women who may be single, seriously dating or even married. We all have something going on relationship wise, and sometimes we need encouragement in certain situations or maybe even guidance. Only you know.I love to share the word of God and tell what he has to say about life situations. So I hope to post some creative and encouraging content that will hopefully help and inspire you to get closer to God. Leave any comments, feed back, questions, or topics you want to see! And again, thankyou!!

Words to Encourage

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Check out this awesome video I came across on YouTube by this young lady. She is speaking a lot of truth.

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It is close to the new year and I am expanding Women Of Power Blog. Starting Jan 1, 2019 I will be posting blogs about the good, bad and ugly of being a christian mom. Thankyou to my regular readers who have been a support so far.

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Thankyou for your support and viewing my blog.

Samone J